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    Before switching to Backgammon in his late 20s, Grandmaster Victor Ashkenazi was an accomplished Chess player, with speed chess his speciality. He started playing backgammon in 1998 and within two years he became a much feared opponent amidst the thriving Times Square backgammon scene. He soon became an accomplished online player, reaching and maintaining high rankings on the major servers. Victor has a very high standard of play in live tournaments, as can be seen from his many recorded matches. He is one of the strongest and most frequently live-streamed players in the world. His notable wins include the Las Vegas Open in 2007, the New York Open in 2009 and 2012. In 2012, his best tournament year so far, he also won the Tampa Open and the Masters in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In 2013, Victor was selected for the "World vs. Denmark" annual event, and represented the World team for three years in a row. In 2015 Victor won the Queen City Cup. In 2016, he was the Captain of the U.S. Team at the Backgammon World Cup held in Tbilisi, Georgia. Victor won both Connecticut Open and Connecticut Masters in 2016, Boston Masters and Michigan Masters in 2017 and Chicago Masters in 2018. In 2019, Victor won Buffalo Masters and came 2nd in the Chicago Open. So far, in 2020, Victor won San Antonio Masters.



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    Grandmaster Class 1

    Awardee, Victor Ashkenazi

    Victor Ashkenazi has been awarded the very prestigious title of Grandmaster Class 1 by virtue of his sustained incredible performances at ABT tournaments in 2015 and 2016, culminating in brilliant technical results at the recent World Championships in Monte Carlo, where his average PR was less than 2.90.


    Victor is only the third player in the world to achieve this incredibly difficult lifetime award which can never be degraded, but may be subsequently enhanced through continued improved performance.


    See the full announcement here.

    32 Backgammon Giants List - 2018

    #3 Victor Ashkenazi

    Every two years since 1993, Yamin Yamin of Illinois has surveyed Championship-level players and tournament directors around the world. He asks them to rank the best players in the world, based on their active involvement with backgammon and their performance over the past two years.


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    BMAB International Ranking List

    #1 with 2.82 PR as of Nov. 2016

    The strongest Backgammon player in the World tops the BMAB International Ranking List. The list is created by Backgammon Masters Awarding Body, which confers mastership titles and proficiency level certificates based on calculated error rate performance ("Performance Rating") in live clocked matches in tournament conditions.


    See the full Ranking here and news here.

    USA Backgammon Top 10 

    #1 Victor Ashkenazi

    «A Ranking list has been derived from a poll of 38 expert backgammon tournament players in the USA (Giants, Grandmasters, Masters and equivalent). Each of the expert voters endeavoured diligently to make serious and informed assessments of the leading active tournament players in the USA, without undue bias» — BMAB.


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  • “Backgammon skill is a mix of a

    hard work and talent”

    – Victor ashkenazi

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